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Sideboard du Provence

In March a group of vGCPC Paintologists met at Kathy Van Gogh’s studio in BC. The workshops evolved around the new Make-up for Furniture line of Kathy Van Gogh’s paint line. It was interesting to hear the mantra develop of the four things needed to hit maximum creativity. 1. Good Music 2. Bare Feet (not sure I like this one but I think I could develop a bohemian lifestyle. 3. Paint Brush in one hand and 4. a glass of wine in the other hand. It seemed that for the most part we all and especially me seemed to bring about our best work when 3 pm came along and the wine came out. I recently completed a project which was based on a cupboard door that I had done during one of the workshops. Here is a picture of the project before I started.

Pre Transformation stage of 1915 Sideboard in Provence  styleThis is a 1915 medium oak sideboard. Notice the beautiful pencil legs and scalloped edge along the apron. Original knobs are wood. and were left on the sideboard.

The first step in the transformation. vGCPC Facial Lift (Embossing plaster) with the small version of the Versaille Panel Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils was used to create a beautiful raised motif on the 2 doors and the middle drawer

These next three pictures show closeups of the embossing on the doors and the drawer.

Balsamic painted stage of 1915 Sideboard in Provence  styleThe above picture shows the next stage in the transformation. The side board was coated with one coat of vGCPC colour Balsamic.

Van Gogh painted stage of 1915 Sideboard in Provence  styleThis next picture above shows the second colour vGCPC colour van Gogh, was added to the sideboard and you will see it is distressed awaiting the next step in the transfromation.

Ta Da. This is the completed project. Notice the door down at the left hand side of the picture. This was the door that was the original inspiration for doing this piece. After distressing the piece copper leaf was applied and burnished into the finish. the final step was a coat of vGCPC Cabinet Concealer (also known as Antiquing Glaze)Completed 1915 Sideboard in Provence  style

Project is done and ready to go. One change that was made when one of the original door knobs split. Not having a copy to replace just the one knob, all four knobs were replaced with a cast iron know with a fleur-de-lis design. This is one of the most complex jobs I have done so far. Want to see it in person. See it at our London location. We are open there Monday to Saturday. I look forward to seeing you all, new customers and old.