Le Petit Rosier (24″x33″)


Transfer measures 24″ X 33″. May be cut or trimmed to fit your specific project.

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IOD Decor Transfers are a brand-new way to put your own unique style into your home décor. Transfers are intricately designed with a protective backing, once peeled, simply rub on the designs with the included transfer stick.
IOD Décor Transfers™ are designed in scale and motif to be appropriate for décor. Use them to add a unique touch to your furniture projects, wall art or accessories. Pressure-sensitive, you apply them by rubbing them onto the surface. We recommend applying for the transfer over paint from any of the three lines of paint on this website for the best results. To get good adhesion we also recommend putting a coat of an acrylic topcoat as the paints themselves are thirsty and could absorb the adhesive from your transfer. Ensure a long-lasting result by sealing with a quality sealer.
Transfers can be mixed and matched in all kinds of combinations, so your designs are truly one of a kind.
Material: Transfer is made of plastic and is cuttable to enable you to create your own original piece! Transfers are intended for one use only.

IOD has made many of their new Decor Transfers “buildable” by adding opacity (so that they look good when they overlap) and making the designs themselves more versatile to work visually when used in combination. Since the designs are more opaque than previous versions, they will show up well against dark colours as well as light.

  • Distress able (for complete customization, sand to your liking!)
  • Buildable (opaquer so they can be layered with other transfers, as well as show up against darker colours. Because sometimes one is just not enough, and a maker needs to make it their own.)
  • Improved backing to help prevent transfer mishaps.
  • Easy to use. These beauties transfer onto your project surface like butter.

IOD Décor Transfers are a little delicate and need a little extra care, but they are so worth it.  With a little instruction, they are easy to use and add instant style to your projects.
Preparation is key.

For further information and instruction, please visit the YouTube channel for the Iron Orchid Designs Sisters.

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