Cosy Cabin


Colour Description: Deep Brown | Colour Strength: Very strong opacity.

  • 8 oz available in popular colours | only at the store or for pickup
  • Gallon available in all colours | only at store or for pickup



3 – 5% Matte


  • 8 oz available in popular colours | only at the store or for pickup
  • 16 oz available in all colours
  • Quart available in all colours
  • Gallon available in all colours | only at the store or for pickup


1 -2 Hours


Synthetic Flat Brush, Small Micro Fiber Roller

Cottage Paint is a clay chalk paint that offers an inexpensive and easy way to renew and restore your furniture so you can Re-Love it all over again. Made with clay and chalk components, this furniture paint creates a flat chalky aged finish.

Cottage Paint has great adhesive properties and is very easy to apply. As long as the surface is clean, sealed and sound, there is No priming, No sanding, and No stripping required. You can apply the paint directly over any varnished or lacquered surface.

Once dry, it can easily be distressed with a damp cloth. Using a damp cloth instead of sandpaper to distress the painted surface protects the furniture’s fine detailing and sharp edges. A distressed finish leaves a velvety smooth, time-worn, chalky finish that contrasts contemporary-looking furniture that has simply just been painted.

The flat porous surface opens up a huge range of possibilities to add decorative finishes and applications to the furniture piece. A clear protective topcoat is required. Once the desired effect is achieved, there is a wide selection of topcoats available.

Painting with Cottage Paint’s clay chalk paint is simple, therapeutic and rewarding.

Colour strengths vary based on the origins of the pigments used. Earth pigments are stronger than bright coloured pigments. Please note the colour descriptions for further assistance in order to achieve the best colour performance. Always count on applying at least two coats for consistent colour coverage.

For more information, tips and videos go to Cottage Paint

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8 oz, 1/2 Quart, Quart, Gallon


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