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Our First Workshop

Well we finally have come to our first workshop. All the prep is done and it is just time to let you know a little of what has transpired since the last blog. I had posted on facebook a couple of items that Bobbie was working on and we are now ready to reveal them. Soon. Just teasing.

Margaret W with Chair
Margaret W with Chair

Now this past Saturday we start out our first workshop. We have two Margarets, a Barry, an Ann (my sister-in-law) and a Penny. As well as Bobbie and myself. We have the back of the Port Stanley store all set up and I added some pics to show how things went on. Here are a couple of pics of the participants with their unfinished project pieces.

Barry with his plate rack
Barry with plate rack

Margaret has a chair, Barry has a small plate rack, and the second Margaret decided she should be Margie for the day so we were not confused between the two has a small table. Penny who will be working in the Port Stanley store was there for some more indoctrination as she will eventually do some of the workshops. She is quite artistic and has a thing for the unusual. Barry was in training as we may have him painting furniture especially as we seem to be getting some inquires on doing painting for others.

Margie with her coffee table
Margie with table

We started off with a brief discussion on chalk paint and its history and about vGCP (van Gogh Chalk Paint) Collection specifically. Told them about cave art, Tom Sawyer and frescos. I think they were all inspired as they all took to the training quite readily and with enthusiasm.

Bobbie With the First Workshop class
Bobbie explaining about brushes

We completed most of the sample boards before lunch before we retired to the Kettle Creek Inn which was just down the street. Here we enjoyed meals of chicken pot pie, fresh lake erie perch or wild mushroom ravioli for our meal along with copiuous amounts of tea, and coffee. We came back to start on the projects and soon everyone was working furiously.

Margaret first coat of van Gogh
Margaret with her first coat of paint.

Some of the projects took on a greater depth than originally anticipated but having started at 10:30 am and finishing just after 4:00 pm we did quite well. Margarets chair had an undercoat of van Gogh with a top coat of Cashmere with some wet distressing to accentuate the piece. This was finished with a coat of natural beeswax to seal the paint. Interesting enough this piece of Margarets had been partially stripped by her a few years ago and she never finished it because of the time it consumed for her to do it.


Margarets finished chair
Margaret’s finished chair
Margie with her finished table
Margie’s finished table

Margies finished table was in Dragons Gray. She had done some distressing but it had been somewhat heavy in a few places, due to some hard spots on one of the cloths she had used to wipe down while distressing. This was a great opportunity to show the versatility of the van Gogh Chalk Paint Collection and the areas affected were recoated and then dryed with a hairdryer. The distressing was finished and a light dry brushing of Cashmere and a little more light distressing was done, and then Margie waxed the base and put a light coat of table top finish on the top to complete the project.

Barry with his finished plate rackBarry had done his piece with a coat of Muse. He did some light wet distressing and then proceeded to wax the project. Barry also chose to highlight some strategic areas with the dark wax to finish his project.

The finished projects above were amazing and all took great pride in their accomplishments. One note I will make is that if you notice that Bobbie has some coveralls on with some distinctive marks. This will be for another blog on another day.