4 Pillars of John

4 pillars unpainted
Well now comes the time to talk about the 4 pillars. My intitial thought with the pillars was to create a backdrop to take pictures of furniture as well as have it double as a background for any displays in the front window of our London location. See the assemble pillars to […]

The Journey to London – The Paint Cabinet

During our visit / training session with Joanne Mudd of Muddaritaville she mentioned that it is sometimes difficult to decide on whether to paint a piece of furniture, refinish it, or just leave it as it is. In our experience we have found that that decision is based on quite a number of issues. […]

What’s in a Name?

We are always told that the brand is where we make our mark. So I thought today I would give a little background on how Stan Portleys came upon getting its name and a little history about my wife Bobbie’s family.

As I stated in a previous blog my sister-in-law Ann who is partners with […]