4 Pillars of John

4 pillars unpainted
Well now comes the time to talk about the 4 pillars. My intitial thought with the pillars was to create a backdrop to take pictures of furniture as well as have it double as a background for any displays in the front window of our London location. See the assemble pillars to […]

The Journey to London – The Paint Cabinet

During our visit / training session with Joanne Mudd of Muddaritaville she mentioned that it is sometimes difficult to decide on whether to paint a piece of furniture, refinish it, or just leave it as it is. In our experience we have found that that decision is based on quite a number of issues. […]

Learning to Distress Furniture

It is interesting to see people marvel at how Bobbie just seems to know exactly the spot to distress on the furniture she renews through her great painting techniques. I call her a Master Painter but she says she is not. I will let others make that judgement but from what I see she […]