A Real “van Gogh”- Kathy that is.

vanGogh 025 webCompleted Piece ” The Real van Gogh”.

On October 2, 3 and 4th we were fortunate enough to have Kathy van Gogh down here in the London area. On the 2nd we had a quiet dinner with Kathy and all our employees. So besides Kathy and Bobbie and Bobbie’s sister Ann we had Penny, Laura, Jesse, and Emily. I was kind of out numbered. It was good though because everyone came away awestruck by the fabulous Kathy. Unforturnately in preparing the meal, which consisted of my famous French onion soup (both regular and vegetarian) lasagna (meat and vegetarian) I didn’t get any pictures though I think Kathy did. A fine time was had by all. (more…)

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