The Journey to London – The Paint Cabinet

During our visit / training session with Joanne Mudd of Muddaritaville she mentioned that it is sometimes difficult to decide on whether to paint a piece of furniture, refinish it, or just leave it as it is. In our experience we have found that that decision is based on quite a number of issues. […]

The Journey to London Week 1

Well we are finally in possession of our new location in London. Although everything is painted it is still a long way to getting everything set up. The sign has gone up and we have many fingerprints on the windows of people looking to see what is happening. We had the electricians in to […]

What’s in a Name?

We are always told that the brand is where we make our mark. So I thought today I would give a little background on how Stan Portleys came upon getting its name and a little history about my wife Bobbie’s family.

As I stated in a previous blog my sister-in-law Ann who is partners with […]