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Bobbie’s Coveralls

My wife Bobbie has always been one to dress well and look good no matter what she wears. A good example of this is she is one of those people who can put on almost any hat and look good in it.

Bobbie with coveralls frontFront of Coveralls
When Bobbie is at home and when she is most relaxed she is usually in coveralls. In fact, she even has some which are like shorts for the summer. Her favourite brand has always been Ikeda brand and when they stopped making them a number of years ago she searched all the thrift shops in the area and bought up all she could find. (Probably why I have less room in the closet these days, though I am told by most that for the male in the family I should count myself privilaged that I have something in the Master Bedroom closet at all.) Anyway, Bobbie still combs through the shops to see if there are more that have come in or she has missed.

At our recent workshop, our first one, Bobbie wore her white Tommy Hilfinger coveralls which she has saved to use as her, to quote an old adage, ‘Her Sunday go meeting coveralls’. She had decided that a good way to commemorate her first workshop was to have each person who attended put a vGCP (van Gogh Chalk Paint) Collection paint covered handprint on her coveralls and then sign it.

Back of CoverallsBobbie with coveralls back
For those who are not aware there is a significance to the paint covered handprint and its association with vGCP Collection paint in the various logos you see on the paint cans and promotional material. I think you usually pictures of Kathy van Gogh herself with paint covered hands most of the time. Makes it kind of a fun part of the whole empowering experience of using VGCP Collection products and in taking the workshops.

Anyway if you look at the picture above you will see the front of her coveralls and some of the hand prints she received from the day. Tuxedo our tuxedo cat is checking them out too! Quite the inquisitive cat. The picture to the right is the back of the coveralls and the one to the left and below is a closeup of the hand print of yours truly. It certainly shows how small Bobbie is. Either that or my hand is really big which I have been told by some is true.

Large Hand on CoverallsMy Hand Print
Bobbie plans on over the next year to add other handprints to the coveralls as we do workshops to signify various firsts in our journey with the van Gogh Chalk Paint collection. Our next first. Our first London workshop which is scheduled for Saturday February 9, 2013. Hope to see some of you there. If you not signed up yet, email us at You can also call us at 519.601.3666 at our London store. If it is outside store hours please leave a message.

Stay tuned for the next blog about the ‘Pillars of John’. Bobbie calls it getting in touch with my feminine side.

Well bye for now. This is John Robinson – Master Craftsman for Stan Portleys – we are Timeless and Unique.